Vitamin A is essential in maintaining great skin, boosting immune function, gene transcription as well as vision. Vitamin A deficiency can result in increased viral infection as well as blindness. Nonetheless deficiency is just listed as a problem in developing regions where it is among the prime causes of infantile blindness and loss of sight of children. Vitamin A over consumption can result in vomiting, irritability, loss of appetite, nausea, jaundice as well as loss of hair. The present Vitamin A percent daily value is 5000 IU (international units). Here is a list of foods rich in vitamin A.

1. Pate or Liver

Animal liver is packed with mineral and vitamins and is best when fried with herds and onion or steamed. Turkey liver gives 7533 UI or 1507 percent daily value of Vitamin A per 100 grams or 62526 IU or 1250 percent daily value per liver. Animal liver gives 1000 plus percent daily value of vitamin A. One tablespoon of pate gives you 429 IU or 9 percent daily value. You can also get 500 IU or 10 percent daily value from one teaspoon of Cod liver oil.

2. Chili Powder, Cayenne, Red Pepper, Paprika

Cayenne, just like other red pepper powders, provides 41610 IU or 832 percent daily value per 100 grams or 2081 IU or 42 percent daily value in one tablespoon. You get 3691 IU or 74 percent daily value from a paprika tablespoon or 52735 IU or 1055 percent daily per 100 grams.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are bright orange in color and are rich in vitamin A. You get 192218 IU or 384 percent daily value of vitamin A from 100 grams of sweet potatoes. That means a cup of mashed sweet potato gives you 38436 IU or 769 percent daily value and medium sized one nets you 21909 IU or 438 percent daily value.

4. Carrots

You can have carrots as snack, shake or have it cooked. 100 grams of it gives you 16706 IU or 334 percent daily value of vitamin A. That means a medium sized carrot nets you 10191IU or 204 percent daily value and a single baby carrot has 20691 UI or 41 percent daily value.

5. Dark Leafy Greens

Great salads can be made from fresh, delicious and crispy dark leafy greens. These can be steamed and are likewise high in calcium. You get 15376 IU or 308 percent daily value from 100 grams of Kale and 10302 IU or 206 percent daily value per cup. Turnip greens give you 232 percent daily value, collards net 133 percent daily value, spinach 188 percent and dandelion greens 203 percent.