What are the benefits of zinc in the body?

Zinc is needed in a number of bodily functions. Humans need it in order to be able to metabolize the foods that they are eating. Zinc is likewise needed in order to make sure that the immune system will function correctly.

It is needed by the body to ensure that the protein building as well as synthesis of the body is correctly done. Zinc is needed especially by women who are pregnant or who are in the stage of lactating.

What are the foods with zinc?

Pumpkin seeds are part of the list of foods with zinc. By eating this regularly, males can help prevent prostate cancer. The seeds are better eaten raw than roasted in order not to deplete the levels of zinc that it contains.

Another kind of food that contains a high number of zinc is dark chocolate. White chocolate has not been proven to contain as much zinc compared with dark chocolates. It would be best to take it unsweetened in order to be able to get around 9.6 mg of zinc.

There are a lot of foods and ingredients that can be added in daily meals that contain zinc. For example, if you want to make sure that you will have a high zinc intake, you can add more garlic into your meals.
Put garlic in the meals that you are cooking or take garlic supplements. Garlic, aside from providing zinc, is also a great detoxifier and also contains other beneficial components like selenium, vitamin C including manganese as well as vitamin B6.

You can also add sesame seeds to the list of foods with zinc. Unlike pumpkin seeds, you can toast it, eat it raw, or cook with butter and it will still be able to hold a certain amount of zinc per serving. It can also be added in your daily bread servings.

Another type of seed that contains zinc is watermelon seeds. The watermelon fruit alone contains a lot of health benefits including providing muscle regeneration, but the seeds are also valuable due to the fact that by eating those humans can get 10mg of zinc per 100g serving of watermelon seeds.

Seafood like oyster can likewise be classified with food that contains zinc. It would be best to get the steamed wild eastern oyster because it contains the highest level of zinc per serving.