Zinc is usually referred to as the most ubiquitous element present in our bodies. Although zinc provides a big impact on the health of the body, the WHO or World Health Organization, for example, states that 80% of the US population are deficient in zinc. Severe case of zinc deficiency can be seen in third world region where individuals do not take much meat.

Zinc deficiency is more pronounced in elders who have lowered zinc absorption capacity, vegetarians, alcoholics who lose zinc via the kidney as well as bodybuilders who lose zinc via sweat and workout regimens. The risk of zinc deficiency is heightened by stress, work as well as fatigue which drives people to eat less or have less time to eat. Zinc deficiency symptoms may differ in individuals.

Zinc shortage symptoms are first noticed in the immune system. Thymulin is produced by the thymus gland through zinc’s help. Thymulins aids in T cell development as well as product of T4 helper cells. This is the reason individuals with a compromised immune system should be the first one to take zinc. Moreover, zinc should be taken in the cold seasons to provide the body strength and protection from colds as well as flu.

Zinc likewise preserves that skin’s collagen supply as well as elasticity. It is usually utilized to heal wounds and treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis as well as dermatitis. Zinc’s effects on acne have been documented scientifically. It is shown to control the production of sebum. Zinc strengthens the immune system and prevents infection and improves the healing of wounds so scars resulting from skin infection are noticeably reduced. Moreover, zinc is also responsible for keratin production. You can observe zinc deficiency through the degradation of hair as well as nails. Zinc deficiency can be initially seen in hair that lacks lust and is falling as well as brittle nails.

Similarly, fatigue is another zinc deficiency symptom. Zinc directly influences production of testosterone and fatigue is a consequence of low levels of this hormone. Exhaustion may be felt even without getting out of bed. The testosterone level in the bloodstream is increased with the help of zinc. For women who are low on progesterone, zinc will not only help increase the production of the hormone and improve energy, it will likewise aid in osteoporosis prevention. Meanwhile, the general wellness of men’s prostates depend largely on zinc.

You can keep zinc at an optimum level by having a balanced diet and avoiding drugs and alcohol. You can also take zinc supplements or multivitamins particularly if you are lethargic. You should also strive to have a balanced lifestyle. Have time for exercise and leisure to balance out stress.